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1. Can I nominate an organization for an Award?

World of Children was established to honor individuals who have devoted their lives to children. The nominations process is specifically to submit an individual for award consideration. However, the cash grant that accompanies each of our awards must be used for the sustainable organization led by the Nominee and is not awarded to the individual themselves.

2. Can I nominate someone who is no longer living, in memory of his or her work?

Unfortunately, awards cannot be given posthumously.

3. Can I nominate myself?

Yes! You can nominate yourself, or someone from your organization can submit a nomination on your behalf.

4. Can I nominate someone who was nominated previously?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of years an individual can submit a nomination application. Individuals who have previously received an award from World of Children are not eligible.

5. Can I nominate someone who has already been nominated this year by someone else?

Multiple nominations can be submitted, however only one nomination application will be reviewed. Submitting multiple nominations for the same person will not improve your nominee’s standing in the review process. World of Children retains the right to select which nomination form/application to review, solely at its discretion.

6. How do I determine the appropriate Award category?

Our awards are divided into five distinct categories:

  1. The Health Award is for those providing services specifically in the fields of health, nutrition, medicine and pediatric sciences.
  2. The Humanitarian Award is specifically for those providing social and humanitarian services.
  3. The Education Award is specifically for those providing educational and developmental services.
  4. The Protection Award is specifically for those providing services and protection from fear, abuse, and exploitation (including but not limited to trafficking, slavery and sexual imposition).
  5. The Youth Award is specifically for a young person under the age of 21 who is making extraordinary contributions in helping other youth.

Your selection should be based on the work the nominee has done for children. It’s helpful to review the Award Requirements before submitting your nomination.

7. Is my nomination information saved as I move throughout the online form?

Your information is saved when you click the “Save” button located at the bottom of the application form. Here are detailed saving instructions:

  1. Click the green “Save” button to save your work and continue editing. ALWAYS save your work before exiting.
  2. At any point, you can choose to exit the form even if you haven’t completed all questions. Simply click the World of Children logo in the top left corner after you have saved your work.
  3. If you have entirely completed the application form and are ready to submit, click the blue “Complete & Submit” button.

For a detailed overview of the application process, view our helpful guides:

8. What is the process of choosing Award Recipients?

Each year, our Global Selection Committee, Youth Award Review Committee and International Advisory Council review the nominations to recommend our finalist nominees. All finalist nominees and their organizations are screened and vetted in a formal investigative review process, which substantiates their work. Our Board of Governors makes the final decision regarding the award recipients each year. The Honorees travel to New York City in the United States for the World of Children Annual Awards Ceremony where they are recognized for their outstanding devotion to children.

9. When will I be notified if my Nominee is chosen as an Award Recipient?

All nominees will be notified about their status no later than September 2018.

10. When and where will the Honorees be recognized?

On Thursday, November 1 2018, World of Children will bring together all of the Honorees in New York City for an Awards CeremonyHonorees must be able to participate in all related events during this time.

11. Is it appropriate to submit materials previously used for other grant applications?

Our nomination application does not allow for the submission of other materials.

12. How are funds disbursed?

World of Children honors individuals whose work on behalf of children has been extraordinary. All grant funds are distributed directly to the sustainable organization for vulnerable children that is led by the Honoree. Funds are not available for personal use.

13. May I nominate an individual whose program serves adults?

World of Children was established to improve the lives of vulnerable children. Nominees whose organizations primarily help adults, or primarily focus on the needs of adults, may be disqualified.